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Fait maison avec passion!

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Entirely homemade !

Nao Pizza

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Alain our pizzaïolo

Our history

Hi, I’m Nao, and today, I want to tell you a special story about my dad, Alain, the heart and soul of our delicious pizzas at Emma’s Market.

There was a time, at the beginning of his journey as a pizza maker, when Dad felt a bit discouraged. Picture this: mountains of failed pizza dough and a dad who wasn’t sure anymore if his dream of sharing his passion was achievable.

But then, Gilles and Anne-Marie, very dear family friends, stepped in! Gilles, Mom’s best friend’s husband, suggested the idea of ​​having pizza nights.

These evenings were not just dinners. They were magical moments of laughter, sharing, and yes, plenty of wine! Each evening was an adventure: Dad would try a new version of his recipe, while all of us encouraged him, pizza after pizza.

And it was during these joyous and friendly evenings that Dad’s magical recipe finally took shape. It was more than a culinary discovery; it was the birth of a community, an extended family coming together around a love for good pizza and good times.

Nao Pizza

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Come and taste the magic

Today, every pizza you enjoy at Emma’s Market carries within it those evenings of laughter, those shared glasses of wine, and of course, Dad’s love and perseverance. Come and taste this magic!

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We look forward to welcoming you.